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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Keep America Fishing

Summer is Here

Gordron Robertson with a Largemouth BassI hope you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday and are enjoying the summer weather. With warmer weather and longer days, summer provides more opportunities to fish than any other time of year. Every fishing trip shared with friends and family is a chance to pass on a time honored tradition. Read More...


Recreational Fish Hatcheries on the Chopping Block

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's (FWS) National Fish Hatchery System (NFHS) is responsible for stocking many of our nation's waters with the fish that anglers enjoy pursuing. In response to recent cuts in the federal budget, the FWS has proposed an $11 million reduction in NFHS funding, with $6 million coming from the account for operating mitigation hatcheries. If approved, this large reduction will result in the closure of nine hatcheries, seven of which are located in the southeastern U.S., greatly reducing angling opportunity in the region. Send a message to your Members of Congress urging them to take the necessary actions to restore the NFHS budget and keep our nation's hatcheries operating (This will be linked to the alert once it is up).

National Fish Habitat Conservation Act Introduced

On June 15, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) introduced the National Fish Habitat Conservation Act (NFHCA), S. 1201, into the Senate with the support of eight other Senators. The NFHCA will authorize the most comprehensive effort ever attempted to improve fish habitat. By restoring fish habitat and boosting fish populations, S. 1201 will improve recreational fishing opportunities across the country, helping to ensure that individuals and their families and friends can get outside and enjoy our nation's aquatic resources. Keep an eye out for an opportunity to support the NFHCA through KeepAmericaFishing coming soon.

Legislation to Stop Unwarranted Fisheries Closures

The Fisheries Science Improvement Act (H.R. 2304) will help ensure that science is the primary driver of federal fisheries management decisions. This legislation will guide federal fisheries management towards a more science-based approach and prevent NOAA Fisheries from setting arbitrary and overly-restrictive catch levels on numerous important recreational fisheries. Send a message to your House of Representatives members today in support of H.R. 2304 and help ensure that catch limits are set based on data, not on guesstimates.

New Legislation Opens More Lands to Fishing

Lack of access is the primary reason that keeps anglers from enjoying a day on the water. Fortunately, legislation was recently introduced in Congress that will increase access to angling, hunting and recreational shooting opportunities on federal lands through projects such as easements and access roads. Show your support for the Making Public Lands Public Access Act, send a message to your U.S. Senators and help open hundreds of thousands of acres of federal land to the sports that you love.

Proposed Mine Threatens Wild Salmon and Trout

Photo by Brian O'Keefe
Photo by Brian O'Keefe
Alaska's Bristol Bay, home to the largest salmon run and several other important recreational fisheries, is under threat by a 20 square mile proposed mining complex. Pebble Mine could produce up to ten billion tons of toxic waste that will devastate the fishery and the Bay if the inevitable spill or earthquake should occur. Send a message to the Environmental Protection Agency and your Members of Congress today urging them to protect Alaska's sport fisheries and the people that depend on Bristol Bay for their livelihoods.

Floridians Defeat Cuts to Fisheries Conservation

Thanks to KeepAmericaFishing™ angler advocates, legislation that would have cut millions of dollars from fisheries conservation in Florida is no longer being considered. This misguided legislation would have dismantled the "user-pay, user-benefit" fisheries management system that is indisputably the best fisheries management program in the world and had a devastating effect on fisheries management and conservation. S.B. 744 became ineligible for further action when Florida's legislative session closed on May 6. Thank you to all anglers that took action against this bill.

Anglers' Voices Heard on Oregon Legislation

Anglers in Oregon helped stop a bill in the State Legislature that aimed to remove fishery conservation measures from non-native fish species, including many of Oregon's most popular sportfish. H.B. 2008 would have greatly reduced the state's recreational fishing opportunities by removing management measures from sportfish such as brown trout and largemouth bass. Due to overwhelming angler response, the Oregon legislature is no longer considering this misguided legislation. This is a huge victory for the angling community and it is thanks to angler activists like you.

Help Fight Unwarranted Bans on Lead Fishing Tackle

Last November, anglers like you helped defeat an attempt to ban lead fishing tackle nationwide, but the fight is not over yet. KeepAmericaFishing™ is asking anglers to rally behind legislation that will definitively protect our right to sustainably fish on our nation's waterways. Please contact your Members of Congress today urging them to co-sponsor the Hunting, Fishing and Recreational Shooting Sports Protection Act.

California's Salmon are Running Out of Water and Time

Competing uses for water in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta watershed are putting the great salmon runs of California's Central Valley in danger of disappearing. Despite the extreme environmental consequences of over-pumping, private agricultural interests are attempting to control even more of the public's water. As a result, the region's salmon fishing seasons were completely shut down in 2008 and 2009 and severely curtailed in 2010. Send a message today to help protect California's renowned salmon runs.

Fish with Your Kids

Father and Son Fishing
Get your kids out there! Fishing with kids is a great way to connect with them and to experience the outdoors together. has an entire section dedicated to helping you share the love of fishing with the little anglers in your life. From safety tips to vacation planning, you can find it here. Read More...

Make It Easy to Plan Your Next Boating Trip

Discover Boating | Welcome to the Water
As anglers, we love to socialize – whether at the dock, on the water or online. Now, thanks to Discover Boating, boat owners can invite friends, family and other nautical novices aboard for boating trips using the new Welcome to the Water excursion planner at
Choose from more than 35,000 places to get on the water and customize the invitation to the type of boating trip, what each guest can bring and more. You can even share photos and videos from your trips.
As added incentive, "captains" will be ranked by the number of people they invite and will be eligible to win weekly nautical prizes, including Sperry Topsiders, $100 Visa gift cards, NorChill coolers, customized shirts with your boat's name from and one-year BoatU.S. memberships. Learn more...

Seven for Kevin

Source: Seven for Kevin by Deb Johnson of B.A.S.S.
Source: Seven for Kevin
by Deb Johnson of B.A.S.S.
Congratulations to Kevin VanDam of Kalamazoo, Mich., for winning the 2011 Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year (AOY) award. This award marks his seventh best-angler title and he's now the first angler to hold four consecutive AOY titles. Read More...

Fishing Fun Facts

Did you know...

  • More Americans fish than play basketball (24.0 million) and football (8.9 million) combined?
  • If fishing were ranked as a corporation in the Fortune 500, it would outrank Sears, Pepsi, Apple and Intel?
  • The number of jobs supported by anglers could employ all attendees of the last seven Super Bowls – twice?

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Fishing As it is Now

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